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Most of us do not pay attention to being bombarded daily by an accumulation of subtle toxins that steadily contaminate us.

It’s becoming more and more evident that lymphoma and other cancers are caused by such toxins that weaken the matrix of our cells. This is true of lymphoma when the critically important lymph system that fights bacteria and viruses succumbs to disease.

In addition to the obvious dangers of smoking as well as air and water pollution, there are myriad toxins presented in the market place. This includes antibiotics and growth hormones in meats, pesticides and herbicides in fruits and vegetables, in addition to water bottled in plastic.

The role of the liver is to cleanse toxins out of the body, however, if the liver becomes over-taxed, it simply can’t do its job. The result is that the overflow of poisons that would ordinarily be destroyed get distributed throughout the body, eventually attacking the lymph system and other vital organs.